From the idea to the execution

Analysis of requirements- Idea- Advise-Planning



  • Analysis of requirements 

YOU as a person, with your requirements and wishes, are central to our work!

The identity of a person is usually judged by his/her optical appearance and how he/she speaks or acts.

Your personal interest, your requirement, your individual „taste“ and style have to be analysed, captured and turned into reality.

No matter whether you would like to use one of our pieces of furniture to set a highlight or whether you are looking for a general concept, cooperation with you is our aim.


  • Idea – Advice – Planning:

We implement complete ranges of furnishings/ interior concepts

Before we start advising you, an idea generation session often takes place to analyse the needs for your living space – whether private – business –  practice or project.

This results in a distinct and unique interior design.

Why not let us mange the entire project – including inspections and the monitoring of deadlines.

It goes without saying that we are also happy to work hand in hand with an advisor of your choice and implement his plans and wishes.


Entwurf – Visualisierung

  • Design – Visualisation: 

We will hand-sketch your designs or convert them with CAD drawings.


Construction  – Assembly

  • Construction – Assembly: 

From the idea to the implementation, we take pride in our:

Customer Service – Professionalism – Quality and adherence to set schedules

These are not just empty words but firm promises!